Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fudge for sale

Fudge RBR74U, born 4/19/08
Moorit horned Ram
For Sale $400
This ram has the alert leader style of his dam SRX 752S-AI Dalla, but looks to be maturing with the more muscular body type of his sire SRX 744S-AI by Rector, Saga. He has retained a wonderfully rich solid moorit fleece. I had planned on using him on just 3 ewes for the 2008 breeding season. He had other plans, and broke into my non-breeding pen and bred 3 more in just an hour, producing a 200% lamb crop!
His pedigree includes the Yeoman ram Moorit 3D STS3D "Mocum" (the 2nd photo below). What a resemblance! Not just in appearance, but in character, as well. You can read more about Mocum on Susan Brigg's Tongue River website (click).
We will retain several of Fudge's offspring, so he is for sale. His lambs all have extremely heavy fleeces and look so much like him!

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Silly me saw the post title and expected to see chocolate fudge :)

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