Friday, July 10, 2009

Rain & more rain

I really can't complain about the rain... I have yet to pull out a garden hose to water the gardens... however, because of the wet weather, our waterway won't be cut for hay. It's just too wet. Now, I'm in the market for second cutting hay or an alfalfa/grass mix. Buying good quality hay may prove to be a challenge! The good news, is that my sheep will be able to graze the waterway the rest of summer. It's deep, rich and lush! I went out to take pictures, but everyone was too interested in eating. Such gluttons! A red winged blackbird was having a fit, I'm sure she had a nest somewhere in there and was worried about her eggs.Elodie & Echo, with son Grady bringing up the year. Grady is going to be a wonderful sire someday. He is maturing beautifully. Such a momma's boy, though. I can't get a decent photo of him. My daughter will be taking him to the fair, so he will be weaned in the next week.Grex, Emily's ram is another going to the fair. He is just outstanding! Almost as big as momma. Grex & Grady are both for sale. If they don't sell, we'll probably put them to work here in our own breeding program.This is my orphan Godiva, she is such a beauty, and calls to me whenever I'm outside. Of course she'll have to stay here!This is Frosty, our yearling wether. He is friendly & sweet. Because he was wethered, his horns look like a ewe's, since he's lacking in those male hormones. He's a bit of a clown, and is for sale as a fiber pet. Garland is also going to the fair, along with her sister Gardenia. They are both such lovely ewes, I'll have to keep them both. We finally had a chance to work the flock today. Gave the lambs their second cdt shots and dewormed anyone with pale membranes. It's such a relief to get it all done! My cute duo, Glimmer & Glade, always hiding from me.

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kenleighacres said...

Frosty has such a pretty fleece! The red-wing blackbird picture is stunning!