Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rotational Grazing

To keep a flock of our size, we have to be creative with our grazing. We are blessed and so lucky to have farmers who will let us graze their waterways. This gives us many extra acres to work with. Our creek borders our property on the north. Across the creek, there is an additional 10+ acres available to graze. We put up a little bridge, but the sheep were reluctant to cross. Suddenly today, they decided that it was OK. The yearlings and babies were the first to cross. The older sheep stood gazing at the lush foliage, licking their lips, knowing that a feast awaited them. Finally they bounded across the bridge to join the rest of the flock.
It was so much fun watching them!
This is Delphine's moorit ewe. We lost her brother at birth, he was breach, and inhaled too much fluid and we couldn't resuscitate him. Being raised as a single, she is growing like crazy, with all of that milk to herself. She is going to be a wonderful and prolific ewe, and will be for sale this fall. I wish we could keep her, she's so pretty!
Deidra and her triplets are doing well.

She is such a wonderful momma!
This is my little orphan ewe, Godiva. She has finally learned to (reluctantly) drink from a bottle, but prefers eating the goodies I give her and her brother in the lambing jug, a mixtue of sheep pellets, rabbit pellets, soybean meal, cracked corn, and calf manna. I never could convince her brother to accept a bottle, but he is doing well on the mixture that I've been feeding.

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