Thursday, May 14, 2009


I love spring! The sheep are happy, grazing on lush pastures. Lambs are growing!Fruit trees and crab apples are blooming. Asparagus is coming up!Even our front lawn is a gourmet blend of grasses, clovers,
dandelions, violets and more.

Skys are blue and the sun sets pink. I wish I could catch Dalla's little ewe. She is just adorable! Our lambs seem to be friskier than usual. I can't resist sneaking up on the ewe lambs and running my fingers through their soft ringlets of wool.

You may notice that some sheep are sheared while others aren't. We're working on it! On warm, dry days, we shear 2 or 3 sheep, trim hooves, vaccinate, etc. As easy as it is to have a shearer come out, I enjoy handling each sheep, checking them over and making sure they are ready for the summer season.

Emily's cute little ram lamb.

Cierra's twins, snuggling up with mama on a cool spring morning.
Yes, spring is finally here.

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