Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A mystery...

We had the sheep out grazing the waterway all weekend.
They were in heaven!
Below, is a photo taken from the roof of our house.
Can you even see them?By Sunday evening, they were nearly 1/2 mile away.I don't know what we'd do without our electronet fencing...
..or our 4-wheeler to haul gallons and gallons of water. So, what's the mystery? My daughter found this set of mismatched horns clear out in the waterway. I'm sure they're from some yearling rams we had butchered last fall, but how did they get out there? Our shelties found them on the porch and chewed on the tips. They didn't appear chewed on when we brought them home.I'm sure they came from here, our sheep composting sight. What? you don't compost your sheep?
Here's a link for more info on that I took a class on sheep composting at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival a few years ago. It has saved us many hours of back breaking labor. When we have a sheep butchered, we save the heads to compost. If we have a sheep die, it goes into the compost. This is an ideal way to deal with losses. It's fenced, so our dogs can't get in to find tasty treats. I check it periodically, and have never noticed it disturbed by wildlife.
Isn't the skull a nice decorative touch? Well, obviously, it was disturbed by something. Those horns didn't get 1/2 mile from the house on their own.
We do need to do some digging, and rescue the remaining skulls and heads.
Sounds like a good job for a couple of teenagers
that I know...
The young lambs seem to enjoy the fresh grazing
as much as the adults.Unless they get lost, and can't find Maaaamaaaaaa!!!!!!!Deidra and her triplets are thriving.
She's such a dependable ewe.The black yearling ewe is Fennel. Her wool is such a deep, rich velvety blue/black. No silvering on her yet.

Gulliver (above) and his brother Griffin (below) will be moving to a new home soon, with their dam Deon.
Isn't it amazing, how fast their horns grow?
Espen will be going with them.
He is looking so nice this spring.
I'm glad he'll have a job to do this fall.

Their new home will be close by, on a beautiful old family farm. I'm sure they will be spoiled!

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