Friday, May 22, 2009

Hot spring days

Temperatures have soared into the upper 80's.
I let the sheep out to graze in the cool fresh woods
north of the "secret garden", and along the creek. This area is incredibly lush, and the perfect spot to spend a hot, muggy spring day. Belle cools off with a dip in the creek.
So far, the sheep haven't followed her across.

What weather! It's been so wet, most of the fields aren't even planted. Only 10% are in, compared to the usual 90%. They say yields will be down by 2/3.

My lavender Japanese peony is blooming.
The flowers are 8-10" across!
My iris are starting to bloom, too.
This is Choral Chalice.

This is Alice Remembered

No matter how busy I am, I always take time to cut flowers for the house. Lily of the valley, and the sweet scent of spring!

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tonya fedders said...

Love your blog! Beautiful sheep and flower pics too!