Friday, April 10, 2009

Triplets for Deidra!

Good Friday. Right before lunch, I checked out the ewes in the barn and heard that "momma gurgle". Deidra had one lamb already cleaned up and fed. A 7 lb. moorit badgerface ram. Since she is one of my calmest, friendliest ewes, I thought this would be a good opportunity to get some live action shots. I ran into the house to get my camera.
Below, Deidra is working on lamb #2. Lamb #1 is up by her head, and you can see the amniotic sac with lamb #2 working her way out.
Below, you can see the sac with the front hooves and muzzle on their way out. In the photo below, the lambs was almost out. The white spot on the sac is the reflection of my camera's flash on the lambs eye. The sac burst, the lamb was free, and Deidra cleans her up, a moorit badgerface ewe lamb weighing in at 8 lb.
It wasn't long before lamb # 3 was out, another moorit badgerface ram, 7 lb. You can see she had quite an audience!
Deidra should do a good job with these lambs. She's a big ewe with a lot of milk. One of my most reliable mothers. Sire is Fudge!

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