Saturday, April 18, 2009

Triplets for Charlotte!

Finally! Charlotte had her lambs. I really expected her to go first, she was just so huge, with an equally huge udder to match. She's been limping around the past week, so I was a little worried for her. After all, she's my favorite girl. So, in my early morning barn check, I found her laboring away with a lamb presenting, rear only. No legs, just the tail end. Charlotte is very comfortable with me, so I had no problem shoving the lamb back in, finding the legs, and pulling out the lamb, a nice sized 7 1/2 lb. white ram lamb. The next lamb was ready to go, and out within 5 minutes, a 6 3/4 white ewe lamb. Charlotte fiddled around with these lambs for over an hour before lamb #3 was born. He presented rear hooves only, so I quickly pulled him out so he wouldn't suffocate, another 7 1/2 lb. white ram lamb. Charlotte was still pretty big, so I half expected a 4th lamb, but no, not this year. She's just a big girl. She'll have no trouble nursing her triplets. These lambs pedigrees include the AI rams Ljori, Bambi, Hunn, Blaevar, Ari, Hnykill.

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