Wednesday, April 1, 2009


"Frost" our little wether, born 4/24/08
Homozygous grey/black
Every flock should have a friendly wether or two! A neutered male plays an important role in flock management. He can keep a new or sick animal company during a quarantine period, thus avoiding a health risk of your breeding flock. A wether can also be used as a “teaser ram”, so you’ll know when your ewes are cycling, or ready to be bred. He will put all of his energy into producing a gorgeous, abundant fleece without that “rammy” odor, and lacking the natural hormone cycle, he can be relied upon to remain an enjoyable pet and lawn mower.
Frost is homozygous grey, meaning he inherited a grey pattern gene from each parent (Anna & Espen). I really love the coloring in his fleece, and it seems to be ever-changing. Because he was neutered, he's lacking the hormones to grow big, ram horns.
If you see a ram on our sales list, and would prefer him a wether, let us know. Maybe we can work something out! Wethers are always very reasonably priced.

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