Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ag Expo

Our county held it's third annual Ag Expo for fifth-grade students. I am asked to present sheep and wool every year, and it's something I enjoy doing. Over 400 kids participated, and there were 19 different classes. The day was structured into 8, 20 minute sessions. Presenters from local agribusinesses, agencies, farms and schools, discussed livestock, global positioning systems and biotechnology. Other presentations include soybeans, corn, beneficial insects, horticulture, agriculture careers, soil conservation and wind energy.
It's amazing, and kind of sad, even here in "farm country", most kids know nothing about agriculture. Hopefully a day like this gives them something to think about.
I took Delilah and her twins, as well as my yearling ewe Fleecy. I took raw wool, washed wool, roving, yarn, pelts, horns, spindles, a spinning wheel, cutters, combs and carders. I also discussed some of the by-products of sheep, things like marshmellos, jello, baseballs, crayons, markers, violin strings, make up, lotion, etc. It really is incredible, all of the uses of sheep, beyond meat & wool.

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