Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flock Sires from the past...


You can see the Ari influence on this ram, he's almost a carbon copy! Gorgeous, colorful wool. He is the sire to our Claire & Charlotte.


The very first lamb born on our farm! We bought his dam as a bred ewe (SRX 688K). She was the top colored yearling ewe at Rhinebeck NY in 2001, judged by Gudmundur Johannesson with a score of 81.5. He was a gentle giant. The only daughter in our flock sired by Ashur is Cierra. Asher & Avery were buds.

Caesar--LF RAM B2H 1L

What a great set of horns this ram had. Nice heavy conformation, too. Ari bloodlines. He was bred by Susan Briggs, Tongue River. We only used him one year. He was just a devil during breeding season. I don't like to keep overly aggressive rams. He certainly did produce a lot of nice lambs for us though. Currently in our flock--Ella, Ellyssa, Elodie, Evra, Espen & Ezra, several of these are for sale.

Caesar makes a good poster boy for our Icelandics

Cinnamon Toast (CT)--LF RAM M3H 114R

CT had a very dense, crimpy fleece and heavy musculature. A very calm, laid back ram, even during breeding season. Lots of progeny in our flock--Deidra, Delilah, Delphine, Dottie, Drea, Faith, Fauna, Fancy, Flavia, Flynn & Felicia. Many of these are for sale.

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