Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ellyssa, RBR47T, born 4/24/07 here on the farm
Black Horned Ewe
Lambing record 1

Ellysa is Delilah's daughter. Her lamb fleece was a buttery soft, silky and non-silvering black with chocolate sun bleached tips. She is developing a nice muscular frame as she is maturing. Great wide, elegant horns, outgoing, and sweet. Poor girl had a terrible time lambing this spring. The lamb's cord was wrapped around it's neck, and broke before we could get it out, so it drowned--a horned moorit ewe lamb. We milked Ellysa for a time this spring. She is my daughter's new "favorite", so will participate in the sheep lead program at the fair this year. Below, Elyssa maturing into a beautiful ewe, July 08.

Update: Here they are, in the Sheep Lead program. Maddie will also show Ellysa at the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool festival in September.

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