Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Dalla, SRX752S, born 4/18/06 in Missouri
Black Grey Horned Leaderewe
Lambing record 1,2

Dalla (aka Salsa) is another ewe that we acquired from the Tongue River dispersal. She is an AI ewe, her sire is Icelandic leadersheep Skumur. She is very curious, but wary and quick on her feet. Quite leader-like in appearance. It will fun to see her in full fleece this fall. She has been a protective mother, as expected. Her lambs will join our flock. She may be for sale in 2009. I like to keep ewes that are a bit friendlier. Below, is a photo of Skumur, isn't he handsome?

Dalla updated photo, with fleece! Isn't she lovely? I'm really enjoying this intelligent ewe.

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