Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Abigail, SRX180N, born 5/4/03 in Montana
White Horned Ewe
Lambing Record 1,1,2,2,2

Abigail (aka Novelty) came to us this spring, as part of the Tongue River flock dispersal. Wow, is she ever muscular! I am thrilled to add her to our flock. Abigail had some of her shedding winter wool left on her, which we sheared. It was incredibly soft. I can't wait to see her this fall in full fleece. She is fairly calm and friendly , considering that her contact with humans has been minimal. She had two rams sired by SRX867S "Superman" spotted black/grey horned twin ram. We are keeping the white one, and the black one will be for sale. She has been an excellent mother to them.

An updated photo of Abigail, with fleece. It is so unusual, almost all thel with very little tog. My shearer found it similar to a single coated shetland.

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